How can forum admins edit the colour of topics that have been read?

Topics that have been read or interacted with are grey whereas unread topics are black. Can we edit these colours?

You should be able to do some adjustments with Themes, and Palettes.

Good tutorial


and /admin/customize/colors/

example: I’m using Sam’s Simple Theme, with slightly customized palettes
…and now that I’m trying to screenshot our colours…I can’t find it. Unread links are #7E97CD but that colour isn’t used in my palette - it’s baked into the theme.



So hoping to be helpful I’ve now got the same/similar question…does it involve editing css or cloning/importing my own version of the theme?

Seems one needs to edit color_definitions by cloning the theme (exported theme in my case) since the setting isn’t exposed in the UI.

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