Visited vs unread text color in latest


I’ve had users mention missing topics, finding that they had not read them, I’ve had this myself and was seeking ways to address it, the first thing I thought of was changing the unread or visited text color as they appear in latest, right now its black for unread and grayed out for read and not easy to distinguish the two.

Previously I think I had CSS in a theme component added to do that, but I’m trying to work within the native Discourse settings to avoid issues as Discourse changes and keep up easier

In my personal navigation I found two items that may cover what I’m trying to do


But I want to be able to do it site wide to cover it from the start

Neither of those seem to be in the main settings as options to enable site wide

Has anyone else dealt with this successfully or is there a standard solution I missed?

Thank you


actually the term “unseen” may have eluded me and I’ve added it, may be solved


But I’d still like if posts could be numerated there “unseen” or “unread” with the corresponding value

Can that be done site wide?