How can I add logo or image on email template

Hi guys,
I would like to design email templates with logo or image. But, every time I try to save my code, an error message like :" Sorry, an error has occured…". Please assist me with this issue and kindly let me know how to add image to email templates.

Thank you

Hello Levi, welcome here!

Where are you working to edit the email templates, are you using this #howto?

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Yes, I tried that ealier, but, it didn’t worked out. Every time I entered code, it cannot be saved and an error message like :" Sorry, an error has occured…". At the first line, its appear alert about the code as well, I have attached the image

Are you on the latest Discourse update? Also, do you see any errors in your browser console when you try to save?

Also, I am using the 2.4.0 version and here is the error I got and I think I haven’t updated to the latest version yet. Do you think it could be the root cause of the issue, may I ask?

I can’t say for sure, but I am not seeing reports of this issue on the latest Discourse version, so maybe try an update?

Do take a backup of your site with uploads first though.