How can I clear the data in the Discourse Unfurling?

I have an important launch on our Discourse server but made a typo in the description of the html page for the launch. I have fixed the HTML page but now I can’t clear that typo in the Discourse unfurling. Any suggestions? Thanks. There was a Delinter url for Facebook to do this. Is there something similar for Discourse?

Rebuilding a post should cause Discourse to attempt to re-query the URL, and update what it needs to. As a non-staff user, you could still trigger a rebuild by editing any of a post. (Even if edited back to the original state afterwards)

Let me try it here:

When I add a new reply to the post - it does not update it on our server. On this server the post has the change. I can’t really delete and recreate the post as it has a fair number of replies on it…

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Okay - we are good. The preview did not show the change but once I actually submitted the post the data is updated. Whew. Cheers.

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