How can I customized my own site

I use an VPS that build my discourse there , and used docker .

I was wonder : how can I edit the source code in my own computer ,and then push this change to the remote machine .

From my opinion :

  1. docker save ***
  2. scp xxx@xxxx // copy docker image to my own machine
  3. do some change
  4. push image to remote machine

I don’t know if there is an more efficient way to develop discourse?


When installing Discourse, you can clone your own Git Repository (with edits) instead of the Discourse one.
Just change the link in the middle line here:

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Yes I know what you mean ,
but there are two respository 1. discourse_docker.git 2. discourse.git
discourse_docker doesn’t contain source code , and discourse is the source code .

If I use upper way , I’ll have to rebuild docker images each time when I edit source code .

Or … you could save yourself tonnes of pain and write a Theme Component or Plugin containing your changes …


If you absolutely have to run a fork of the source code (which is definitely not recommended, you can accomplish almost everything with a plugin), then you will need to:


Now I know that , maybe I think in the wrong way . I can just write a plugin that contains my change .

Thank you guys!

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