How my changes can take effect on Discourse with docker

Hello everybody,
i’m newbie on docker, and i was wondering how can my changes from other repo take effect
i tried only with one file after instaling discourse with docker
These are my steps to implement the changes:
cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
cd /var/www/discourse
su discourse
git remote add discourse2
git fetch discourse2
git checkout discourse2/master – config/locales/client.fa_IR.yml

And then restarted the app… but nothing happend

What are you trying to accomplish? It’s not clear in your post. Are you trying to setup multisite?

If it is only to have Farsi as the site’s Locale, AFAIK no GitHub magic is required as this can be done in the ACP

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i’m trying to customize discourse using my own github repo
After fetching my code… should i just restart the app with ./launcher restart app
because that did nothing, when i tried it with the example above didn’t work, it’s lstill uses the old client.fa_IR.yml not the new one

I think that OP is trying to make custom changes in the code. Your best option will be to fork discourse repo and then make changes on github.

And the use this code to have your production site pull from your repo:

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Maybe for testing, but IIRC the general consensus is that forking is generally not such a good idea for a live production site.

If the only difference is that a custom version of fa_IR is wanted IMHO this would best be done as a plugin.

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I have a feeling that OP wants to edit more files too but the Fransi file was just a test case since.

And yep, generally forking isnt a good idea unless you are as big as sitepoint!
Btw your plugin tutorials are nice. Helped me a lot!

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no that is not accurate.

Generally, forking is not a good idea period. Our recommendation is always to use plugins to extend Discourse, forking is expensive to maintain and impractical in most cases.


i’m sorry, but this is not the subject here
In Dev environment, I could cease the rails server to reload the config files. Is there something like the rails server within docker?
(other than ./launcher restart app… it does not reload the config files)

You can restart all the ruby workers with.

./launcher enter app
sv restart unicorn

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