How can I edit the colours for the confirmation page after confirming a new email?

Hi All!

I could do with some support to fix an accessibility issue i’m seeing (image attached).

  1. Add a new email address to my account,
  2. Receive ‘confirm new email address’ email,
  3. Click link to confirm new email address,
  4. See ‘confirm-new-email’ page - ‘Your email has been updated’ and button to return to community.

The confirmation screen after a new email does not meet the GDS standards. The button is editable as someone has set a custom message. The colour scheme does not meet accessibility requirements as it is not easily readable and button looks unclickable when in fact, they are clickable.

Where do i find the setting to change the colour scheme on that page?


Hi Haroon, thanks for reporting this.

I’ve taken a look at this page and it looks like Discourse is missing a class on that button (.btn-primary) that would pull in the relevant styles from your theme. I’ve gone ahead and made this change to our code, and after being reviewed and merged on our end, we can update your site to fix this (since we host your site this will require no further intervention on your side).


Awesome, thanks for looking into this! When are we likely to see this live?
Do you know where I would locate the setting to amend/adjust the colours of that button?

Your site was updated a few minutes ago, so the button should be fixed now.

There’s no setting to adjust a single button’s styles, in this case the update added the .btn-primary class to this button (which is used for many buttons throughout Discourse) — styles for that button type are covered by your theme’s CSS found at admin → customize → themes.


Thanks Kris, we appreciate the prompt support


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