How can I email all recently active users?

Hey guys,

I’d like to be able to email all recently active users of my site in order to warn them of outages for upgrades and let them know when the site is down and back up.


  • Is there any way to send a broadcast to only recently active users - I have many old accounts and I shouldn’t need to email all users unnecessarily
  • Is this even sensible given the short downtime of an upgrade?



The best way to warn your active users about anything is to create a banner topic :wink:


So are you implying that there is no easy way to reach out to recently active users? If all active users is not enough, I suppose the easiest would be to do a data explorer query (requires the Data Explorer Plugin).

If they’re active, it means they’re on the site. If they’re on the site, they’ll see the banner.
If they aren’t on the site, why bother warning them?

If you really want to bother them, sure, you can extract that information using the Data Explorer plugin.