How can I get a report on browsers/user-agents?

Triggered by this post: I know, there is a report on the user-agents of webcrawlers. But is there a similar report about the browsers/user-agents of real users?

If not, I’d suggest this as an improvement. It would be quite interesting to see the relative share of Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari/… and maybe even different OS/versions. The information should be there already, as this is shown in my profile’s preferences (“Recently Used Devices”).


I was looking for this report today and was surprised it does not already exist. I think it would be a great addition to the admin section.


I use Google Analytics to see report of users browsers and some other info about my users’ behaviour and audience analysis.

Sure, but from a data privacy standpoint I don’t want a third party to collect data about my users.

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Oh yeah, you’re very correct about that.

On the other hand, they already have your users’ data since your users use one or more of their services. Even using an android device means Google has enough info about you; including the sites you visit and all.