How can I make my website adapt automatically?

Is there any way for my speech to automatically adapt according to the user’s screen? I installed a theme yesterday and I was upset because the banner is cut and doesn’t appear normally, for it to appear normally I had to set the site’s font size to “Smaller” I would like to use the font in “normal” size

Sounds like an issue with the Theme. You are either going to have to raise an issue with its author or PR to the Theme to fix the issue.

I’m afraid there’s no way to shortcut learning web skills but you can start by looking through the guides here:


I’m confused because I installed the same screen component on two different sites and on one it worked normally, on the other it was cut off, how can I know if it’s a plugin or some configuration?

You can see if there are influences within the web inspector of the browsers Dev tools.

Don’t be upset: it’s only code :).


Some digging and I managed to solve 80% of my problem, but it’s already helped me a lot, thanks guys

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