Sidebar shoves text off the screen

I admit, being an older user, I have messed with my Android Setting’s font sizes a little, and maybe screen zoom. (Both exactly one little notch.) But that’s that’s no excuse for you UX testers not to make sure things stay on still on the screen. It’s called Accessibility.

Also the user cannot figure out how to get that sidebar to disappear.

There is the mysterious dismiss button at the bottom of the screen, but apparently it just dismisses itself.

Can you tell us exactly what settings did you tweak, and what device you use?

If I change the text size in my smartphone’s Android settings, it will change my browser’s text size, but not Discourse’s text size.

If I change the text size in my Discourse’s user preferences, I don’t encounter your issue.

However, if I zoom, then the content will be cropped, which is inherent to the zoom feature.

It’s worth noting that when the notification menu is open, using the pinch gesture to zoom out won’t work. However, a slide from left to right will close the notification menu.


I’m happy to provide you with a complete report.

First let me say that my Asus Zenfone 3 was not affected one single bit.
No matter what of the following settings I changed, the Zenfone 3 still showed the page in perfect proportion.

The problem appeared on my Samsung Galaxy a13 5G Android 13.

First let’s get this out of the way: the following setting didn’t have any effect:

That’s Chrome you are looking at.

Also regarding the Discord settings, I having tinkered with any.

Now let’s talk about the culprits: Here the Samsung Screen Zoom setting:

After I moved the slider back to the center notch, my problem became half solved. The stuff moved back where it should be halfway.

Discourse does account for font size changes, that’s why it’s a user-configurable setting within your profile.

I’m not sure they can be beholden to how different cellphone manufacturers scale though.

Okay, and now the other half of the solution was to move this guy…

…back one notch too.
(Note there is no halfway notch. Because there’s an even number of notches.)

Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse if you want to access the setting.

Okay it’s very kind of Discourse to still provide such a setting in this day and age.

I’m sure it’s a lifesaver for some people.

But I just checked every single Google app on my phone, and I didn’t see one single font size setting anywhere, Gmail, Maps, Meet, you name it.

So I think it’s time you guys bit the bullet and did it their way, with the Android settings controlling it all.

Why would the relationship between the font size setting on your phone and the native apps running on said handset influence how a web app renders?

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All I know is

Samsung remains the best-selling smartphone brand in the world,

so certainly someone else there at Discourse Towers has one to do my above test with. Thanks. All one needs to do is change Android Settings.