How can I rename Cheers?

I`ve installed Gamification plugin. Everything works. Thank You for development!
Want to change the name for points from “Cheers” to “EuroTiger Tokens”.
Take a look at screenshot. Text “Cheers” found in different locations… Where should I change it for new name appear properly?
Then need to rebuild? As Text appears saved in “edit” page, but does not change on page, as showed on screenshot, it is marked with yellow color. What to do to fix this?

Your google drive link isn’t public and requires access.

Since they’re all related to the gamification plugin, you can replace them all, so there won’t be discrepancy. Better to have “EuroTiger Tokens” everywhere than having some “Cheers” displayed here and there :slight_smile:


@Canapin thank You for the prompt reply.
I’ll change everywhere and check the link.

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@Canapin Please take a look at screenshot.
I do changes through “edit” and save
But as on screenshot it does not change in this 4 lines and appears yellow (mistake?)
Thank You for possible tip!

@Canapin sorry for disturbing!
Everything works.
By yellow color - names that do not exist appear.
My EuroTigerScore (ETS) now works as expected!
Thank You for the willingness to help!

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