How can I save original mails from bouncing accounts

we have one customer whose mails are regularly bouncing. We are in contact with her and her mail provider.
The mail provider now asks for the original mail we have sent, I think to train the spam filter.
But I have no idea were to search for the original mails.
Any help?
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In Admin/Email/Bounced you can scroll down to individual bounced emails for a user - one at a time. Note that you have to click in the “Email type” column for the particular email you wish to see the results for. It will show all the details about the bounce, but you’d have to do a lot of copy and pasting. This is a record of the bounced email with all the data separated into individual sections. Here’s a screen shot of what you’ll see in the report for a bounced email.

Your question got me to thinking about some emails I’ve recently had bounce for a user in China. Checking this report I found out that Discourse’s IP is blocked as Spam! I’ll have to send him an email to let him know we’re still here. :grimacing:


Thanks @JimPas,

but that fields contain the bouncing message. What the mail provider requests is the original message sent to the user.
Any idea on that?

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I don’t believe Discourse would save a copy of every message sent as that would require a lot of storage space - especially for large forums. Maybe a team member can weigh in here if I’m wrong, but that’s the impression I have.

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A way to somehow save mails for 24hours or just the messages sent to a specific user would be perfect.

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Found a solution.
I changed my sending provider to ElasticMail. There I have the opportunity to send all mails to a bcc address which is useful from time to time for me.


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