Where do I find details about bounced emails in Discourse?

I can’t find anywhere in Discourse admin panel where I can find full details of bounced emails – to read the content and find out the bouncing reason.

I don’t seem to have those saved in my email account (automatically deleted by Discourse?)

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Bounces for mail attempting to be delivered to Discourse, or bounces for mail sent by Discourse? In either event, they’re under Admin -> Emails, just different tabs (“Rejected” vs “Bounced”).

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Yep, they’re listed there, but I’m interested in full email details to analyse the bounce reasons.

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Look in siteurl/logs

There is a warning message for each bounce (incoming and outgoing), starting with “Email can not be processed:…” you can see the details in “info”.

siteurl/admin/email/bounced lists destination and type of bounced,
siteurl/admin/email/rejected lists source, subject and reason.


So click on the link under the “error” column. It’ll display a pop up with everything you could ever possibly want to know about the bounce.


Found out that you also have to enable log mail processing failures in settings.


You might also want to know that discourse is reporting greylisted emails as bounced:

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In case anyone else is confused as I was by this, the “error” column is actually called “Email Type”, so I came here looking after clicking on the other links in the table and the table entry itself, none of which did what I wanted and not thinking to click “digest” or “mailing_list” in the “Email Type” column to get the error information.