Where do I find details about bounced emails in Discourse?

(Anton) #1

I can’t find anywhere in Discourse admin panel where I can find full details of bounced emails – to read the content and find out the bouncing reason.

I don’t seem to have those saved in my email account (automatically deleted by Discourse?)

(Matt Palmer) #2

Bounces for mail attempting to be delivered to Discourse, or bounces for mail sent by Discourse? In either event, they’re under Admin -> Emails, just different tabs (“Rejected” vs “Bounced”).

(Anton) #3

Yep, they’re listed there, but I’m interested in full email details to analyse the bounce reasons.

(Andrew Waugh) #4

Look in siteurl/logs

There is a warning message for each bounce (incoming and outgoing), starting with “Email can not be processed:…” you can see the details in “info”.

siteurl/admin/email/bounced lists destination and type of bounced,
siteurl/admin/email/rejected lists source, subject and reason.

(Matt Palmer) #5

So click on the link under the “error” column. It’ll display a pop up with everything you could ever possibly want to know about the bounce.

(Anton) #6

Found out that you also have to enable log mail processing failures in settings.

(Christoph) #7

You might also want to know that discourse is reporting greylisted emails as bounced: