How can I stop onebox redirection?

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Consider a situation for an affiliate marketer…

where path is HTTP 301 to again HTTP 301 to

Problem is when I type first link, in onebox it automatically redirect to the final destination which is causing loss of revenue.

Please help me in disabling onebox and redirection for the specific path*

I want when I type link should be as it is without modification.


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You should be able to goto Admin -> Settings -> Onebox -> Onebox Domains Blacklist to get the result you want

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Thanks for the response.

I am sorry to inform, It’s not working. :frowning:

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You haven’t entered a domain in the domain blacklist.

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Onebox Blacklist option is not working. Ref: video

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Can you repro this @jomaxro?

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I can sort-of repro this.

Entering into onebox domains blacklist correctly prevents oneboxes of links. However, entering and into the setting does not prevent the oneboxing of

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Wait so the OP wants to prevent SELF oneboxing? That’s really weird.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #11 isn’t an internal onebox. Discourse appears to be at - appears to be a WP site.

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Still this might be an unreasonable edge case if it is the same domain. Why wouldn’t you want to onebox your own stuff?

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I think the intent is to post referer links without them being obvious referer links but still have them be referer links.

For example, preserving the “u=mittineague” query string.

I’m not certain about what kind of RewriteRule voodoo is going on or what domains are involved.

To me, the obvious solution would be to display the link as a link and not onebox it. eg.

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I appreciate your curiosity, why I wouldn’t like Onebox. The major issue is redirection which happens due to Onebox.

Basically, to keep affiliate URLs short, memorable and easily managed at one place, I use redirection. I use Affiliate Link Lite plugin to convert ugly affiliate link to the branded form.

What I am expecting, If I type my affiliate URL, Onebox shoudn’t display final destination instead of clocked path (which is /go/).

Exactly. Thanks for understanding.