How can one install a panel with discourse?

Just now I’m switching from Xenforo to Discourse as of forum software wise. And I have been using a web panel for website and mails called Vestacp (Used to be using cpanel) However, after searching through the forums and found some tutorials regarding running multiple website on the same machine, I still don’t quite get it. So here is how I’m doing it as of now.

  1. Install VestaCP with only Apache
  2. Install Docker
  3. Install Discourse
    And here comes my problem. I’m currently following the tutorial of setting up discourse with existing apache server here
    I’m not sure of this part where he stated
    "When you come to edit app.yml, under “## which TCP/IP ports should this container expose?” you want:

“8888:80” # fwd host port 8888 to container port 80 (http)" I’m using the official discourse installing guide of using
but when I do that, I don’t get a second to edit my app.yml, when I press cancel installation and edit it I don’t get to resume the progress. However I have tried while it ask to continue, I stop and edit the file and changed originally 80:80 to 8888:80 but now I’m just stuck on the download. Am I doing this correct?

Does anyone know specifically how to install Discourse with another web panel? Like cpanel or VestaCP.

Thank you for your help

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Are you trying to install Discourse on a new server dedicated to Discourse, or on an existing server hosting different sites with Apache?

A new Dedicated Centos 7 Server that I wanted to have discourse as well as a web panel to be installed so that I can manage DNS, mail, database easily

Hm. Personally, I’d go without the web panel and simple run Discourse directly, but this should work too (although I don’t get which database you want to manage…).

Since your’re running a custom setup, I’d simply skip the discourse-setup script, manually copy samples/standalone.yml to containers/app.yml and edit it there. You can use the tutorial you linked to or this one which uses nginx as the front end. I prefer the latter, but that’s entirely subjective :wink:

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I’d follow @fefrei’s advice and do the simple installation that the discourse-setup script can handle. It’s not (yet?) intended for complex configurations such as yours.

If you want the web panel, install it after you’ve got Discourse up and running and have the panel run on some other port. Since it’s only for you, it won’t inconvenience anyone if the web panel is running on some other port. That will allow you to forego complex NGINX proxy shenanigans.