How can one safely merge and reorganize categories without losing existing threads?


I manage a discourse community that has gotten a bit out of hand with the number of categories we have. There are roughly 30 categories in operation that I would like to consolidate into about 10. However, I don’t want to lose any of the existing conversations that are within those 30 categories.

Is it possible to merge many categories into one? How would one go about doing so?

Please let me know if I can provide more information. Thank you!

– Joe


You can use the bulk select tool and the wrench to recategorize posts.

How many topics are you looking at?


Thanks for the response, @Stephen.

There are 40(!) topics now, I want to change that to 27. That number is including sub-categories.

Is the ‘wrench’ the admin tools? And is the bulk select tool somewhere in there?

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Open a category and look top left for the icon.


Oh fantastic, I see it now thanks to you and this post: How to move all topics of 1 category to new tag

Thanks again, @Stephen, you’ve helped out this discourse n00b greatly.


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