Migrating or merging existing topics in categories?

Is there any support for merging/migrating categories?

EDIT: Hang on, I’ll do some more details…

First, we know that you may not delete a category unless it is emtpy (nothing but the category definition).

You usually don’t want to delete all the topics, so move them to another existing category instead. In this case, move them to the category that’s the “target” of the merge.

The bulk actions is a good way to easily change the category of all of them.

Once you’ve moved them all out, you can delete the category. You’ll need everybody to refresh afterwards.

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Thanks, very helpful. Is there a way to select all topics in a category? Not a big deal but would be convenient.

Nope, you have to go and click the box for each one :frowning:

What, how is such inefficiency without gamification even tolerated!?? jk - thanks.

Actually, you could probably use jQuery by looping over $('.ember-checkbox') and set .checked = true for each of them (after loading all the topics).

Kinda like $('.like').click()

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Note that if you do this, you’ll only get the current topics in memory, not all topics.