Can I/how to convert a tag to a category?

My forum uses heavily tags and tries to keep amount of categories as minimun as possible. But at one category I’ve a lot of topics using same tag so perhaps those deserves a category.

Do I have a tool that changes/converts a tag to category?

Sure I can take a longer route by creating a category, choosing tagged topics etc., that is no real issue at all, but if I have opportunity I would very much use shorter way :wink:

(Even asking this took more time that just doing it :man_facepalming: :rofl: )

I think in this case you are the tool. :slight_smile:

You would need to create the category and set up all of the settings, description, security permissions, etc and then bulk move the tagged topics into it, and then delete the tag. Should be pretty simple though. :+1:

Yeah, it isn’t too hard. But I was secretly hoping there would be some magical and cryptic, and yet easy, rake command or something else :grin:

My main target, if I had such thing in the first place, wasn’t find easy solution to solve out quite trivial task, but trying to learn limits of Discourse.

Thanks. And at same time I finished the job :wink:

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Hey Jagster :slight_smile:

Did you have a look at this?

I’d look twice before doing such a task though (on a test server, or have a backup ready) because some of these tasks didn’t populate some tags table when I used it: Bulk tagged topics, then moved topics into another category, but the category tag selector doesn't show tags - #2 by Canapin
I don’t know if it’s repaired, I didn’t try again since my migration. But I should!

Of course not. Not even I’ve bookmarked that topic :man_facepalming:

I’ll give a testdrive for it at nighttime. If it works it helps for sure if there is a lot topics. But for few tens old reliable manual labor works just nice :wink:

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