How do 'Agenda' Note Taking App Integrate Discourse Like this?


(Achu Abebe) #1

Agenda note-taking app integrates Discourse beautifully like this:

Is there a framework for that? I would like to do the same thing and any direction would be greatly appreciated.


Adding Discourse inside an app
(Matt Palmer) #2

Looks like they just embed a browser component of some type that opens their forum site. Not a MacOS developer, but I’m sure it’s not a particularly uncommon requirement.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

That is a nice example for future reference though cc @erlend_sh @HAWK

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Not tried it, but GitHub - jiahaog/nativefier: Make any web page a desktop application is where I’d start. Well, where I started was googling “windows mac application from web site”.


Hi @achu,

If you have a MacOS app out in the App Store. You just need to use the WebKit Framework by Apple to include this in your app.

I have recreated this to see if it works. And it did.

Some modifications ‘Agenda’ did was creating a new window when they tap on the mountain icon or the Agenda Community in the menu bar. Also they did modify the navigation bar to be white and added some more buttons/icon to move back and forth easily.


(Achu Abebe) #6

Thanks, chi! I appreciate the support and will definitely look into WebKit Framework