How do I access the Ruby REPL?

I seem to remember, several years ago, being able to enter the container and bring up a Ruby REPL where I could interactively use Discourse ORM objects etc. I am trying to debug an issue and want to inspect the posts in a topic, but I can no longer find evidence of this REPL with my Google searches!

Is this still possible?


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cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

Thanks - it doesn’t ring any bells, but it does seem to work! My next question is where is this API documented? I believe this is more or less the same API that plugins use, right? I need to edit a post, for example.

Thanks again!

This is not really an API, but the standard Rails console. It runs Ruby code in a REPL with the Discourse Rails application loaded. So for example you can use the ActiveRecord API:

p = Post.last
puts p.raw

Thanks, I was able to edit a post’s raw content and call to work around our problem. Much appreciated!

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