How do i add my forum to Google Search Results

Hi. So i’m currently trying to get my forum up on google search results (hence the title) and i’m having trouble with doing so. I added my website to the Google Search Console and i verifyed it and all, and i’m just wondering what do i do from there?

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How long ago did you launch your forum? Do you have any inbound links? It might take a while for Google to start crawling it.


I launched it about a week ago. What do you mean by inbound links?

Sign up for a Google Webmaster Account. Just search Google Search Console and go on from there.


Inbound links = any other websites that are linking to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google does not pick up your one-week young site yet and think you’ll just need to have a little patience.


This should be your first port of call absolutely!


I already did that tho.