How to get a search result with sitelinks in google?

What should I do to my discourse forum in google console to get a search result like this?

I know it is more to do with google webmaster tool. Anyway, I looked into google data highlighter but it seems not for this particular search result.

Any helps, even just a bit of clue (if you think this is too noobs :grin:) would be very appreciated ! Thanks!!!

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I’m pretty sure that all you need to do is set up categories and start having discussions.


Yes, the “additional” results are “sitelinks” and Discourse does what needs to be done on its end. Whether or not they get included in any particular search results page is up to Google. You don’t get them, Google gives them.


Oh okay, noted for that!

Cool, the good thing is just need to focus on my forum then :wink:.

Thanks for the answers!