How do I add users to a group?


I have created a public forum.

I would like now to create categories only open to people who will have subscribed to one for my training courses.
I read the best way to do it is to create a group and allow this group on a Category.

But how can the users subscribe to this group?
Can I automatically send them a link, a password, an invitation?



Hello on the group press this:

Add Members

In addition regarding

there are may settings for this you can play around with:



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What you are trying to do is allowing a specific group to see/create/reply in a specific category.

Fortunately for you, there are many options for groups. When you create a group, you can go to the settings and edit it to be public, private, or join by request. If you select the third option, a message will be sent to the owner(s) of the group and they will choose whether to allow the user to join the group or reject the application. If you want to have a group, where anyone can join, you just select the second option.


How to set / configure private / closed group access, membership and visibility gives details about setting up a group so that users can access it. (That topic needs to be renamed and/or linked to other #howto topics so that it is more easily searchable.)

Site admins and group owners can invite users to Discourse and include a list of group names in the invite. Users will be automatically added to the groups when they accept the invitation. This topic gives more details: How to send, configure, and accept Discourse invitation emails.

Another way to add users to a group is to use the Data Explorer plugin to write a query that returns a list of usernames or email addresses of users who should be added to a group. The results of the query can be copied into the group’s Bulk Add to Group form.

Users can also be added to groups through the Discourse API.

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Is there any Zapier integration?

There is a search feature. Adding #howto to the words often helps.


I see that I can create a link to allow people to join the group but this link is not generic, it is specific to an email address or user.
Is there anyway to create a link for the group that would work for anyone I would send the email to?

I am an admin of my discourse at When I look at a group I created a while back “staff” I cannot add members or change any settings related to who can join. When I create a new group I can set these settings.

What could be wrong? Here’s my group admin UI – ‘add members’ is missing…

‘Staff’ is an automatic group for admins and mods. Are you sure you created your one, or did you repurpose the existing one? It may be that the one you created is now treated the same as the non-customisable version.

Can you create a new one instead?

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Maybe I used the existing one. It’s been so long — I’ll try to make a new one instead that includes our team staff.

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You could also make those members moderators or admins and then they’d appear in that group.

But you might rather make a new group that’s just for your staff (maybe you don’t want all of your staff to be a Discourse “staff” member as a moderator or admin).

You could also configure the group so that people with an email address from your organization were automatically added to the group