How do I block a user?

I can’t figure out how to switch from Blocked: False to Blocked: True. It’s not an obvious process and I don’t see another thread on this topic with instructions.

You don’t need to – if the user is suspended that means they can’t log in, so blocked (can’t post) state is irrelevant.

Thanks -suspension was my plan B because it wasn’t clear to me how to block. I couldn’t click to change false to true. When I viewed currently blocked users on the Admin panel, there wasn’t a button to add another user.

I can’t figure this out either. I want to un-suspend a user and block them instead. If I un-suspend, I still don’t see a button to block.

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Are they still going to receive emails from Discourse after suspension?

Site staff can PM you still after suspension, you won’t receive emails other than PMs from staff. Staff can also send you an email for the reason of the suspension just before the suspension,

This is not the case. Suspended users will not receive any emails other than PMs sent to them from site staff. See Description of various user states in Discourse.


oops, my bad, originally got that thought from

Didn’t know that until now! :wink: