Receiving notifications about suspending/blocking users


I’m aware that you can check if/which users are blocked/suspended in the admin dashboard. However, if you don’t specifically check, it can be easy to not notice in a timely fashion that players have been blocked/suspended. As a form of additional oversight of moderators, it would be very helpful to get staff notifications for when a user has been blocked/suspended.

Receiving notifications about completed suspensions
(TechnoBear) #2

I agree with this for blocked, but not for suspended.

We occasionally get new members “accidentally” blocked. They’ve made a post which has been caught by the anti-Spam plugins and the member has been blocked. Sometimes, the post is just a fluffy “Nice post” or “I agree”, and a moderator simply deletes it without further action. It’s not always apparent that the member also needs to be unblocked (especially as one of the plug-ins seems to block members, while the other doesn’t, and I can never remember which is which).

Suspension is another matter, though. Members are intentionally suspended by moderators, and I really don’t want to be getting notifications every time another mod takes action.


There could be an optional setting for this kind of notification. My concern is if a moderator wrongfully suspends, and no one else in the staff notices.