How do I change my primary email

Having an issue where the primary email for my membership as lead community manager changed years ago. The company that owned it before shut down the email address and now I cannot change the email in the discourse because it says sending to the previous email. It is stopping me from approving the new managers/admin/moderators. Is there a way to change email without sending to previous email?

Let me know if this problem is clear or has happened before?

If you’re the only admin then you will need to update your account via the rails console.

If you don’t have root access to the server then whoever hosts the instance will need to do this for you.


If there is another admin, then you remove admin from your account so that you can change email, then have them make you admin. Or use console as described.

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Hi there, the solutions did not work with revoking admin and getting my colleague to try change it for me. Still sent confirmation to my old address that does not exist even if my colleague changed it. I guess i will try to contact the programmers who set up the instance but that comes at a cost.

Did the other admin change your email, or did you attempt to do it?

If an admin changes the email of a non-admin user then it doesn’t send an email to the old account.

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If you have ssh access to the server you can do this:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app

But I just confirmed that for a regular user, no email is sent to the current email address. Perhaps your account is both an admin and a moderator? (I didn’t test if moderator accounts can be changed without notifying the old address).

A notification email is sent to the old address, but the confirmation email is sent only to the new address.

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I can confirm that for a moderator it behaves the same as for admin accounts. I had this exact issue with one off my moderators a few months ago and ended up going the rails route to change it.


This makes the hypothesis that they removed admin, but not moderator rights from the admin in question and that’s why they are unable to change the email address without confirmation going to the old address seem all the more likely.

Hey @MAR you’ll need to ask your colleague to remove your moderator rights too. If you log in now do you see “admin” in the hamburger menu? Can you access any moderation functions?

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Hi there,

My colleague helped me and it still says sending email to “that address” and nothing comes to my new address. So my colleague has given me back my Admin and Moderator status. Will have to see about the SSH server option you mentioned

“that address” is the new address. If you’re not getting it, check your spam, and if you’re using a mask service maintained by Microsoft, consider getting another one, but also have someone do a test to as described in Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install.