How to change email if access to old email is no longer available?

As subj says. Trying to change it requires confirmation from old email, but access to the old email was lost.I would have thought that’s that primary reason for someone wanting to change their email.

What am I missing?

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If you’re an admin you must approve the email address change at the old address. The solution is to make that account no longer be an admin, change the address, and then make admin again.


Is this email change for a user or for an Admin? If it’s for a user, an Admin can change that for them.

It’s a moderator, not admin. Do I still have to make them a normal user first? They already initiated a change and the system said a confirmation from old address is needed.

EDIT: As an admin, I can’t seem to change the email of any normal user either (non-mod, non-admin) from Admin panel > Users. It only shows their email, but there is no edit option (there is for username).

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This is how I do it on my forum.

  • Go to Dashboard/Users
  • Click on the user you want to change the email address for;
  • Click on Visit this user's preference page to edit their profile;
  • Click on Show Email;
  • Click on the Wrench to edit the email address;
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom.

The user should get an email to their new email notifying them their email address has been successfully changed.
You can also add an Alternative Email Address on this screen as well.

Thanks (I was doing those via impersonation). At this stage I don’t (yet) know their new email address, so I was asking if they are able to change it themselves without confirmation from the old address if I remove the moderator flag from their account.

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