How do I change the font/color of summary E-mail "Popular post" excerpts on mobile?

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Activity Summary Emails Guide:

When viewed on a computer, the summary E-mail looks just like it does in the preview in Admin > Emails > Preview DIgest.

(Note the color of the text in the excerpt)

However, when viewed on mobile, the second section of the summary E-mail, “Popular Posts” displays the post content in a very washed-out text color, true across multiple E-mail clients. One of my users has made repeated requests for me to change this text color so he can more easily read these excerpts.

Is this a setting I have access to? If not, could an improvement be considered that would make these summary E-mails more legible?


@maja can you add that to your list? All the text should be visible.


Font weight for popular posts is fixed per