Summary Email footer, linked text is light grey-on-white

I’ve looked elsewhere and wasn’t able to find someone with a similar issue.

When a summary email is sent out the text at the very bottom appears like this:

This summary is sent from [WEBSITE NAME] when we haven’t seen you in a while. Change [your email settings], or [CLICK HERE] to unsubscribe

Only the text “your email settings” is visible in dark blue. The WEBSITE NAME and CLICK HERE are light grey on white background, nearly impossible to read. The links work for all three.

I am using the default email colors and the website is Latte. I really can’t figure out what is going on. Any help would be most appreciated!!

Screenshot below:


Hey Jake

You should be able to customize how you want in your admin panel


Thanks, the text is all there. The issue is the color of the two linked items “Name of Website” (with link to website) and or “CLICK HERE” to unsubscribe.

As best I can tell, you can’t customize the color of the text in “Customize>Email” only the text itself.


Try modifying the css with the colors you want, these are just examples



Yeah, I think you might be onto something here. That particular link might be missing some CSS classes.

That’s probably the reason why it looks a bit different than the rest of the footer links in digest/summary emails.

Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ll fix it :+1:


Thank you! It looks like the summary email is pulling the color scheme info from the theme only for two of the three links. My friend reported she is using the “Light” theme for the website and in her summary emails she can read the link text.

I have just confirmed that if I (as Admin) set the default color theme to light for the site and then view the “Preview Summary” the text is visible. So I guess for two of the three links it is taking the color scheme from the Theme for the summary email. Image below:


I still have this problem when using a dark theme, any hope of it being fixed?


I’ve got a fix here that should do the trick

The problem is that the digest background color isn’t being dictated by the theme colors (it’s static grey), and the colors of those two links were a theme variable. So light text from dark themes ended up on a light grey background.

Something related that may be helpful to someone looking at the digest in the future… the background color of the email is set on the HTML tag… and a lot of email clients (like gmail) will just ignore that style and make the email background white anyway… so even if the background color was defined by a theme, it wouldn’t be reliable:


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