How do I make the about page show exact post counts?

I am debating whether to install Discourse, but having the exact post count listed is a prerequisute for the metacommunity in which my new community is part of. (It’s a geofiction community that uses post counts to measure national activity.)

I have only seen about pages with inaccurate numbers suck as 12k and 1.2k or such. Is there any way to get those to show exact numbers?

EDIT: I just realised that I can see the actual counts by mousing over the number. Is there any way to make it display the exact number directly, or even make it more obvious that you can mouse over the number? The guy that does the post counts will probably figure it out if we tell him, but things get lost in the shuffle over on the metaforum. heh

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Hi James-Robert_Knight welcome to the forum

Maybe something like this CSS added to your Admin -> Customize could work for you?

section.about.stats span.number[title] {
 color: #FFF; 
section.about.stats span.number[title]::before {
 content: attr(title);
 color: #000;

I’ll try that once I get it all installed and ready. Waiting on the domain name to go through. I’ll report back when I do it.


It worked soundly. Thank you very much for the information @Mittineague!


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