How to change stats display on 'about' page?

Hi there.
I’d like to show exact stats on our ‘about’ page, that is not ‘3.2k’ but exact number.
How can I achieve this?

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The part of code that is responsible for rounding the number is a template, to be exact /app/assets/javascripts/discourse/templates/about.hbs. In this file, you can get rid of number formatting.

However, please note that you can already see accurate numbers by hovering over a number.


I can’t find the thread now, but @Mittineague shared few months ago some CSS to display the exact numbers in the About page

section.about.stats span.number[title] {
 color: #FFF; 
section.about.stats span.number[title]::before {
 content: attr(title);
 color: #000;

EDIT: found How do I make the about page show exact post counts?


Why do you need to? Just hover your mouse over to see the actual number, this is always the case in the Discourse UI:

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Thanks for all the replies