How do I set up to disable access from a certain regional IP, or is there a plugin for that?

My forum is mainly for Japanese customers.
Therefore I would like to disable access from Chinese and Korean IPs.
Is there such a plugin?
I’ve tried looking for settings and there doesn’t seem to be a function that can be set directly.

This seems like a bad idea since Japanese customers are free to travel to Korea and China as far as I know. Plus VPNs etc. . .

That said, you might look at Setting | Logs | Screened IPs.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I’ve found where the settings are, and it seems that the settings are not having the effect of disabling IP access for this reason. I will look into it again.
I will ban Chinese and Korean ip. because I want to avoid unnecessary trouble. Because China, Korea and Japan have the same skin color and similar aesthetics. I don’t want to attract customers with little connection.

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You could try the Geo Blocking plugin


I’ve installed the plugin, but I’ve noticed that it’s still accessible. Is there a problem with the settings somewhere please?