How do I stop someone from spamming "Trending Search Terms"?

I don’t know why they’re doing this and what do they want. Any ideas? Thanks!

Have you seen this @sam? Odd.

This happens in Google Analytics all the time — the hope is that the searches are published somewhere or an admin visits the link.

I wonder if the same user is spamming these? Could we possibly look for a user who is searching for a url hundreds of times and flag their account?


For a lot of communities it’s uncommon for users to search URLs at all, so it probably doesn’t even need to be hundreds.


It sure is a very frustrating abuse factor, maybe we should auto eliminate spammers from the list, same IP or user, a gazzilion searches

I really would like to see the raw data here

Have not seen this before on our sites


I can send you the raw data for sure; which file is it?

Have been seeing this myself lately – anything I can do to send data along or get it looked at? This thread seems to have died down. Thanks!

Where have you seen it exactly? Can you share a screenshot?


Would a “simple” fix be to just block anonymous users from searching for anything that regexes like a domain?

It looks like you could win by simply banning all searches for .cn domains, somehow, but the actual impact is so low here (and what they are doing is so pointlessly ineffective) it’s hard to justify any engineering effort.


Our site is seeing something similar, but slightly different.

We appear to have some kind of bot performing a daily search on our forum for a few keywords.

Is there a way to block specific search terms?

Or, a way to link a search term to an IP address, then in turn to block that IP?

These, for example, are significantly skewing our search term data analysis:

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 21.59.44

Capybara is part of discobot. That you see that is a good sign that discobot is working and people are making it through the new user tutorial.

The others I do not recognize.

I am not sure what the issue is honestly with having some random keywords on this list. A bit weird, sure, but you are the only one who sees it.

Maybe some ability to prune this list would be interesting. Eg never show me again how many people searched for capybara on my site. But not a high priority methinks.


Sorry to revive this old topic, I am facing a lot of the same spam.
How would one ban all searches for .cn domains?

I’ve already added a filter to the blocked word list, but searches are still coming through

Not sure what the point of these are, but it’s extremely annoying to see so much spam between search logs :confused:


This started happening this week on our site too! For now, the numbers are negligible…