How do you get the short date form to show "Dec '22" last calendar year?

If you scroll down in a category here to last year, the date shown will be “Dec '22”. (In some categories you might have to scroll a long while!)

In my forum it would show “9 Dec” or whatever, it would only show the year once we go back over 12 months, to “Jan '22”.

I would like this behaviour for my forum, so that short dates from last calendar year would show “D MMM” even if they’re less than 12 months ago. Is there a setting to change this? I looked through the settings, and couldn’t see anything that looked like it.

The only possibly relevant setting I’ve changed is “relative date duration”, which I’ve set to 0. But I wouldn’t have thought this would be relevant, as it’s about relative dates (“7d” vs “20 Feb”) rather than whether it shows “D MMM” or “MMM YY”.

Sorry I can’t deliver straight or even right answer. But I can tell what I did on my forum.

American way to show dates is more confusing than ounces or other grain based metrics. I just can’t see intuitivitely differences between Feb 22 and Feb ’22. And showing a month before date number is just… let’s not say it at loud because here can be younger persons too :wink:

Translations aren’t helping because even name of the moth changes, the structure of dates stays as american way quite often.

So fiirst I started hunt right terms (and 50 hits limit is really annoying when one doesn’t know exactly what is looking for). After that I googled right syntax, because pingvin-world just can’t use same syntax everywhere :wink:

Now I have this:

  • all posts shows long date like 22. february 2023 (no, we don’t use capitals with name of the months)
  • timeline shows shorter date, when a topic is more fresh, like 22. february
  • timeline shows 6 digit date when a topic is older, like 22.02.22 (do you all see why is so logical, as ISO-metrics are :wink: )

I don’t know if that helped a bit. But we can edit terms — finding right one is the harder part of that job.