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The date of posts are displayed using an apostrophe to indicate a year and no apostrophe to indicate a day of the month (Apr '18 is April of 2018, while Apr 18 is April 18th of this year).

We get fairly frequent complaints from our users that it is hard to see or notice the apostrophe. This is especially true on mobile and for new users who are not familiar with the date format.

It sure would be great if we had a site settings option to display the year as four digits instead of with the apostrophe. It would seem that replacing the apostrophe with two digits would not create any great formatting problems.

What do you think? Is this something that might be accomplished?

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You can change it in /admin/customize/site_texts.

Search to 'YY will list the related date format strings.

In posts the date use this format: js.dates.tiny.date_year
Here you can change the date format 'YY to YYYY should be what you would like to achieve. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: This will change the date format everywhere it is used in Discourse, not only in posts.


That’s fantastic. Thanks for the help!

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Currently if a post is less than a year old it will show the month and day form (ex, Mar 11). Is it possible to change this period, say to 6 months, so that it would show month and year like older posts instead (Mar '22)?

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