How do you not allow certain Topics

Is it possible to make were you can not post a certain type of post. Like FA’s(Forum Announcment) and PSA’s. If so, can you tell me how? They will be based on names of the post, not the tag or catagory. Thanks.

How do you differentiate a “forum announcement” or a “public service announcement” from a regular topic exactly, in terms of Discourse features?

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The request is, I think, for a blocklist of forbidden words in topic titles for ordinary users. Presumably to prevent unauthorised announcements. (If a forum has a convention for such topic titles I think this makes sense)


Even if this were possible, I don’t see how such a rule could work. If you prevent topics titled “Forum Announcement,” there’s nothing stopping anyone from posting:

  • Forum-Announcement
  • F0rum Announcement
  • Forum Annöuncement
  • Forum Proclamation

OP doesn’t want to use a category or tags for this—but these are the tools already provided for handling “certain type of post.” You could use an Announcement category or (subcategory) with Create permission limited to the Staff group. A tag group assigned to Staff could also work, depending on how you want to highlight and refer to these topics.


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