Create a topic where only chosen people can post and see posts

I’m creating a group of leaders on our forum, and want to set a closed topic, where only chosen people can post and see posts.

Is it possible?


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Change the word “topic” to “category” and the answer is yes, otherwise, the answer is no.


Have a look at How to use category security settings to control access to content to see how you can setup a category that limits access to members of a Discourse group.


Thank you guys! Very Helpful.

Also if you change the word “topic” to “personal message” the answer is also yes :wink:


You can also create an unlisted topic so only people with the link can view it.

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That’s not access-controlled as much as “I hope nobody stumbles on this”. Remember only the topic ID is needed to find it. The stub is cosmetic.


It’s not as access controlled, but still serves as a solution. But in this case, PM’s are the best solution.

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