How do you proxy your domain? [so your server IP isn't visible]

I don’t really know on how to do that yet - I use cloudflare for my DNS management. And I would also like to use that to proxy, but I don’t believe it’s possible with discourse?

You can use Cloudflare to proxy, but some times with some setups it has not worked. So you will see people advising against it. I’m not sure if that caution is now outdated, or if I’ve been luck, but I use it for one of my forums and all is well.


Hmm, I’ll try proxy it - and see what happens I guess?

I notice I have disabled “Rocket Loader” in the Cloudflare “Speed → Optimisation” tab.

Is there any good reason why you want to proxy your discourse instance?

Protects against attacks. You can’t mail a package if you don’t know where it actually goes.

I am well aware of that.

He started his site yesterday and he wants to proxy it already :thinking: