Query regarding adding Cloudflare


I have installed Discourse using docker installation from Github.

I wanted to setup Cloudflare and came across this guide: Full site CDN acceleration for Discourse

I have added cloudflare.template.yml to app.yml file.

I have set up https://forum-direct.example.com/ to point to IP address of my VPS hosting discourse and have turned off orange cloud in cloudflare and added this to discourse settings long polling base url

Is that all the settings I have to do to get cloudflare free to work with my site or do i need to configure anything else?

Also since https://forum-direct.example.com/ points to IP of my VPS, people can get my IP, correct? Can i prevent this somehow?

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The initial issuance of a certificate will fail if Cloudflare is proxying your domain. Make sure the orange cloud is turned off.

Could you explain why this is a problem? Do you plan on securing the server? Cloudflare isn’t a firewall, even if you proxy traffic the VPS itself isn’t afforded any additional protection.


I thought it would provide basic ddos protection

Also, Will having cloudflare break any functionality?

You don’t have to make a direct access domain for your discourse for cloudflare in my experience,add the template file is enough.

Discourse provides basic protections. Unless you are running a community that is likely to make you a target, you are wasting your time.

Unless you are careful to turn off some of the optimizations it will break your site. There are many topics on the issue.


Okay I think I’m fine without cloudflare for now based on feedback, thanks for all the answers.


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