How does Discourse host Discourse?

(Pavel Chuchuva) #1

Discourse team, can you please share how you host Discourse installations for your clients? Do you provision a separate VM for each client? Do you use Docker at all?

(If you don’t want to share your secret sauce that’s totally understandable.)

(Pavel Chuchuva) #2

@sam mentioned the following in the passing:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yes, we use Docker to host our customers and all our hosting is Docker based. At the enterprise level, they get dedicated containers.

(Robin Ward) #4

Also it’s worth mentioning that no client, whether multiple per container or isolated exists on a single server. There’s always at least one more container on a different physical server serving up your application.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Also, pretty interesting and relevant, from internal analysis of our NGINX logs and and NGINX logs on another Digital Ocean instance of similar size (using NGINX analyze) we clock 2.7x to 3.5x faster server speeds than Digital Ocean.

So, if you want the fastest Discourse out there, your best bet is to host with us.