How to put discourse on a web host

How to put discourse on a web host
Hosting :
GB : 5G
If there is a way - could you please give me a step by step way to do it?
I am new to all this stuff (so if you could use simple terms that would be great!)

Also, if there is anything else I should know about discourse, please let me know.

Thanks a heap!

Discourse won’t run on a webhosting platform. You need a VPS, e.g. CloudVPS Server |


I can not install it normally? Why not to do as wordpress, or flarum?

The container application is way more reliable for both sides, the developers and the users imho. See that current discussion here:

so we can not ? or yes ?
I really like your service! But I can not buy a VPS server because I buy a host for 10 years! And it’s really losing money!

I already answered that question.

Note that you can continue using your hosting service for as long as you want without any changes. Your discourse forum is technically entirely separate.

Yes, but you can not another version of discourse for hosting

The difference here is that Discourse is not a web app you would just put into a directory, start Apache, and that’s it. Instead it provides its own full stack and as such requires multiple applications being run (PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, etc.). This ensures that the user and admin experience is a breeze, using modern web technologies.
The supported way of running Discourse is inside a Docker container, and that requires you to have full root access to your host.

Look at the various hosting offers e.g. from Digital Ocean. They are not too expensive, and you can try things out first. Or you’ll go with a hosted Discourse offer if you don’t want to run a server yourself.