How does Discourse work with WordPress sites?

There is very little information on how Discourse works with WordPress. Discourse merely points to a plugin and the plugin doesn’t describe itself comprehensively in terms of how it works. Therefore, I’d like to have a look at WordPress sites that use Discourse to see how and if it works for them but a quick Google search reveals none.

I am looking to a replacement for BBPress which is pretty awful because so many of its plugins are not maintained. I really want something that just works.

I am also considering VB and Vanilla but it’s not easy figuring out which will work well and look pretty. Discourse looks pretty but I have no idea how well it actually works in WordPress.

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Our first and second partners and are Wordpress.

Please see WP Discourse plugin installation and setup for more details on the Discourse and Wordpress integration


If this is what you’re looking for then the wp-discourse plugin isn’t going to really work for you. It’s meant to replace the comments section on a WordPress blog.

Discourse itself is a great bbPress replacement.


Hi and thanks @codinghorror (I love your name).

Reviewing those Wordpress sites one thing that sticks out is within the posts on those sites, the discussion feature is always taken off page and not on page as it is with Disqus or with BBPress on my site (see link in my reply to @benword. Is this because it needs to be done that way or have these sites chosen to do it that way?

I think for me it flows better when the discussion is embedded on the same page as the post/page (with the option of discovering it in the Forum section of the website too). Where this can’t or isn’t done I wonder about how this might disrupt the flow of conversation. Is there something I’m missing?

Also, something else I’m beginning to understand a wee bit is your use of Tags is much different from their use in Wordpress, or perhaps I mean more significant, because they are bloody easy to use as a criteria to search than they are in Wordpress, and I suspect that opens up a whole lot of new opportunities that I’m yet to fully comprehend and understand.

I am beginning to understand that Discourse is more than a pretty face but from the prospective of a relative eejit like me, coming from and being familiar with Wordpress I also am being to have a sense that Discourse is perhaps not as effective as it might be at promoting and explaining its cause.

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Discussion can only be embedded read only.

Discourse is a parallel discussion site for the community, not in-page comments.

@codinghorror So it can be embedded read-only on a Wordpress post/page and users can then click on it to get involved? - If this is so then it sounds doable from my perspective.

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