'Add user to group through custom user field’ not working?

Add user to group through User Custom Field

It is not working tried many times. created new accounts to test out but it is not adding users to the group. Other automation does work though.

What trigger are you using? And what did you enter into the User Custom Field Name box?

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This is what I created. I want users to be added to the group automatically after they create an account.

One thing to check is to make sure you have filled in the Full Name fields for the groups have included in the custom field dropdown menu:

The automation will not work if you have only set the group’s Name field. The options that you add to the custom field need to match the group’s Full Name.

Maybe some details about this should be added to the description of the Automation’s User Custom Field name input.


This worked! :rocket: You are awesome. :star2: Thank you so much for the help. :grinning: :blush:


Nice catch. :slight_smile:

I’ve added a note to the walkthrough about using the group’s Full Name. :+1:

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