How many votes should I give to users/trust levels

Hi there,

We recently launched Discourse for our community and we enabled the vote plugin for users to vote for features. We are not sure how many votes we should give each user across trust levels. Does anyone have any experience around it? Is 4 votes to Trust Level 1 enough? Should it be more? 10, 20?


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It depends what you want. What type of forum is it?

I normally do

TL0 = 2
TL1 = 5
TL2 = 10
TL3 = 15
TL4 = 20

I also tend to sometimes adjust them when I need to.

Remember that a vote shows what a member truly wants to see. So if they have many votes they will not consider what is important and use them all without thinking.


Thank you @ondrejj!

Our forum is for developers where they can submit feature requests. We want to show the community voice with the number of votes each feature receives, so we wonder if we should give them more votes. Right now the max is for TL4 with 10. We were even considering giving 100 votes.

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You need to evaluate your community numbers. Take into consideration, that while new features come into fruition, old needs may not be applicable anymore. Also, you need to consider how many features you development team can work at the same time.

I would suggest keeping the numbers very low, like for example:

  • TL0: 1
  • TL1: 2
  • TL2: 3
  • TL3: 5

As your team close the topics of already implemented features, the votes are given back and your active users can now vote on the new features they want to see.