How much data does Discourse use?

I am currently on vacation, and the internet here is pretty expensive. As my whole family requires data to do work, I am recharging it frequently.

I would like to ask if you guys have any stats on how much data a post of 10 characters uses. So I can buy myself some data and buy my family some other data, as I am only using the data for the forums, as something really exciting and new is happening there.


There are few things to consider:

  • initial payload is about 1Mb (after that, each refresh is about 50kb);
  • posting per se shouldn’t take more than few KB (this very reply had ~900bytes);
  • displaying posts can be a different beasts, because a post can have images, videos and so on.

All in all, I would say to leave forums a bit and just enjoy your vacantion :wink: