How Regenerate droped table post_search_data?

By mistake i delete the table post_search_data in discourse data, How this table can be regenerated ? As this table depend upon the table posts, there might be a way to regenrate it, please help.

Do you have a backup?


not have backup, is there not a way to populate the tsvector directly with PSQL and the raw also, using ssh ?

There is a rake tast that regenerates the index

./launcher enter app
rake search:reindex

I would strongly recommend restoring from a backup though if you have started mucking around with tables. Who knows what else happened.


thank you very much sir, next time i keep a backup, before playing with tables.

sorry forgot to mention, i am on development enviorment not docker. what should i run in ruby ?
should i run this ? but how ? what command exact command ?
i am running
rake search:reindex lets see

thanks it saved my big time.

If you’ve nothing important in development mode, you can run the following commands to recreate the entire db

rake db:drop db:create db:migrate

SIR, I am import DB in development to use it in production, if i use it, it will reset the db ???

Yes, it will reset the DB. But doing this and re-running the import may be the sanest way forward if you messed with the database…


Yea don’t run it if you have any important data that you can’t recreate in development mode.


Thanks, it helped a lot.