How to access plugin paths via URL?

I’m trying to set up a web hook and I need to point the payload to a local file.

The file inside the Docker container is located at:

To what address does this translate to as URL?

I’ve pretty much tried everything I can think of and I’m getting 404 from all my pings.

Any ideas?

A file that lives in


will be in the URL at


I can access it if I link it here ln -s /var/www/discourse/plugins/distodis/

But then you can download all the PHP files with secrets. They don’t get executed and the webhook is returning 405 when I ping it.

What does PHP have to do with Discourse?

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Nothing directly, but this plugin is using PHP:

But now that I think about it … it might require an external web server, because Discourse doesn’t come with PHP support in nginx, right? :thinking:

That’s definitely not a Discourse plugin.

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Posting from Discourse to Discord in natively supported in this plugin:


What? How so?

I found it here:

It’s in the #plugin:extras category…

A directory of all extensions & integrations for Discourse which are not Discourse plugins, i.e. a CMS plugin, a browser extension or a native application.

Hey, thanks a lot. I didn’t see that when I was searching for Discourse/Discord integration plugins. I’m gonna try that out!

Oh, ok. I should have read that more carefully. I just kind of assumed that it’s for plugins which are not official. :cold_sweat:

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