How to add a header image and customize it

I recently came across a forum that uses a header image very nicely. Not sure what their theme is, but could anyone shed some light on how to create something similar to this with the CSS?


There is a theme component called Versatile Banner which allows you to add a header image and lots of other cool stuff like CTA buttons and links.


Thank you, but the template is similar to something we would see in the late 90s. I simply need to put a header image, without all these texts and buttons.

You can remove all those texts and buttons and keep just the header image. Its all in the component settings.

Removing all texts makes the image super small, almost hidden.

Add this to your theme template:

.banner-box .section-header {
    margin-top: 50px;

Change the px value according to your need.


Thank you! This helped!

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