How to put pictures on each subcategory banner?

I would like each subcategory to have a banner image.
Can someone explain me how to do it:
These are the steps I do:
1.- I install the component and add in my theme to the component.
2.- I deactivate:
show description
Show description from “About This Category” post
3.- edit css/html and put an image for the computer and put another image for the mobile phone
This is what I put:

.category-title-header {
  &.category-banner-music-pop {
        background: url(;

Bugs I’d like to fix:

1.-I don’t know how to hide the text of the subcategory name that is placed above the photo. I would like to remove the text that says “Musica pop”.

2.- The image is not shown in its entirety, The image is cropped to high

Thank you very much

@Pandabear There is also this component, which may offer some other options that may suit your use case:

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Thank you very much, if it fits better to what I’m looking for, I’ve already finished adjusting it to my taste, there is a small bug that I hope someone can solve, but thank you.

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